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"MAGICIANS" Who Have Changed History!

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A magician's art requires more than just the knowledge of how to do “tricks” – it requires adept sleight of hand and a deep understanding of science, physics mathematics, psychology and a keen understanding of human nature… 

...skills that are invaluable to spy organizations, the military and government leaders! 

Known for his award-winning comedy and magic performances in casinos, on cruise ships and in Country Clubs around the country, professional magician Harry Maurer presents a very special lecture and PowerPoint presentation about “magicians” who have affected history in ways that you would never have expected! 

...Best of all -- "THE PERFECTION OF DECEPTION" is fun and presented with the eloquence of a professional entertainer!

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World History Made Through The Use of MAGIC!

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And who was in a better position to be a spy than Harry Houdini? He was a world famous celebrity and every leader in Europe wanted to meet the famous American superstar! 

Houdini took advantage of that, and because of his unique profession as an “escape” artist, he was able to challenge jails and locks in military installation and prisons in various countries granting him access to people and places no one else could get near!

Magicians have a variety of skills and disciplines that they use in their profession. To be a magician, you need to study -- not just deceptive techniques -- but you also need a good understanding of science, physics, mathematics, psychology and more. 

See how one magician, considered by present day magicians to be “The Father of Modern Magic”, not only understood science, but human nature as well and combined the two to stop a political uprising against France using nothing more than magic tricks!

Did you know that a magician illuminated his backyard with electricity 50 YEARS before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb?

Did you know that the CIA had a magician write "Manuals of Deception" for their operatives... ...that are still in use today?

By profession, magicians know how to do things secretively. 

Through documents only “partially” released through the “Freedom of Information Act”, see how principles of magic were simplified and taught to operatives through two manuals on deception written by one of the most knowledgeable magicians alive!

Did you know that Winston Churchill credited a magician with changing the direction of World War II ?

And this wasn’t during a minor scrapple either! This was a pivotal battle for North Africa in a town called El Alamein – a battle in which Winston Churchill himself declared, “Before Alamein, we had no victories, after Alamein we had no defeats!"

See step-by-step how one magician designed a battlefield deception that fooled Rommel, (the Desert Fox himself), and changed the course of World War Two !

Did you know that Houdini was a Spy for the U.S. Secret Service?






Complimented with historic slides, "THE PERFECTION OF DECEPTION" is a unique presentation about stage magicians who have changed the course of history in ways that you could never have imagined! 

It is fascinating, educational and appropriate for anyone interested in History, Science, Politics and Psychology.

"This lecture will have your group amazed, laughing, thinking and talking..."


Magician / Lecturer 

"Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award" nominee

About Harry Maurer...

Nominated for a prestigious “Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award”, Harry is a magician with a quick wit and a charming personality who knows how to get around audiences. Las Vegas Entertainment Today described it best when they said: “His easy manner with the audience combined with a magical skill second to none, is what the audience remembers after the curtain goes down.” 

He has entertained U.S. Presidents, Celebrities and International Royalty, and with regular appearances in the casino showrooms of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno and Biloxi, Mississippi and aboard top cruise lines around the world, Harry has lead a diverse career opening for such stars as The Supremes, Rita Rudner, Joey Bishop, Billy Ekstein, Rich Jeni, Rosie O’Donnell, Frankie Avalon and others. 

Harry's background as a professional magician gives him a unique perspective into magic’s history – a specialized art form filled with exciting and colorful characters – some of whom have added to world history in ways never expected. This experience has helped him to create a unique and fascinating presentation unlike any other.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this presentation and Harry will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank You!


“I was not too sure I wanted to attend a lecture at FAU to see a magician. I am more than pleased to say that I was entertained in more than a few ways. The session was comical. Loved it. Just right. Historical. More than loved that. It was interesting and factual as I remember seeing some of that prior to see Harry and mysterious in his magic. The whole time was more than just entertaining. I will say that the time just flew by. I would travel to see this program again and again.” 

Sal C. Riggi 

West Palm Beach, FL 

[email protected]

"Harry Maurer's talk about magicians and espionage was extremely entertaining and definitely informative. I am old enough (barely) to remember the North African Campaign during WWII but I did not know anything about how a magician helped change the outcome of it! And that was only one part of his talk. The rest was equally interesting. Don't miss it. You will be surprised at how much you will learn!" 

Aileen Drosendahl 

Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, USA

"My college students were captivated! Need I say more? 

Michelle DeWalt 

Lone Star College Cy-Fair 

[email protected]

"The "Perfection of Deception," is the best demonstration of how magic has affected history. Learning about magicians consulting with law enforcement around the world and being asked to spy for the United States and England surprised everyone. When Harry Maurer talked about a magician who worked for the CIA in the 50's and wrote manuals on deception techniques, we were all taking notes! The most intriguing part of Harry's seminar was learning about a magician assisting the British Army in 1944 by creating illusions and camouflaging tanks and ships. Harry Maurer's seminar, filled with humor, photos and documents, was more than enlightening -- it was fascinating!" 

Bob Love 

Houston, Texas

"Your lecture was fantastic! I had never appreciated the important role played by your predecessors in significant world events such as the Second World War… " 

Bill Sheridan 


"You are such a polished performer with your mesmerizing voice and great comic timing. Your passion for magic is palpable and your knowledge encyclopedic. Magic truly is a powerful force that can be used to change the course of history. My eyes were opened and so were those of others in the audience. Some young children were hanging on every word, students will write papers about this, and our regulars were soaking up all the knowledge. Thank you also to [the technical staff] for getting us more chairs to accommodate the standing room only crowd!" 

Claire B. Gunnels - Assistant Library Director 

Lone Star College-CyFair Library 

Cypress, TX

"Harry is a gifted magician and his obvious interest in the how magic has affected historical events is very apparent in his presentation. I knew some things about how deception played a role in WWII but his elaboration about the role of deception in the El Alamein battle in North Africa was quite fascinating. I recommend his lecture to all who have an interest in history and magic." 

Bill Kelley

"My wife and I saw Harry's lecture and found it to be fascinating. We could have easily listened to another hour." 

Tom Little 

Lexington, KY

"We thoroughly enjoyed your lecture on the Perfection of Deception. It was fascinating to learn about how well known magicians are employed today by governments in many countries working with their intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI and MI-5. It was also a learning experience to find out that magicians actually affected the outcome of many battles against the Germans during WW2. We would highly recommend your lecture to anyone. This lecture is educational and exciting!" 

Steve and Michele Dresher


"I was surprised to learn how misdirection and illusion played such a large roll in the strategy of the Allies helping to save cities and creating tactical advantages. . .makes me wonder how the military uses these strategies even today..." 

Eric Hartog 

Cleveland, OH

"The presentation was not only very entertaining but also educational; it was worth the 85 mile drive to attend." 

Bernhard Ehlers 


"It was most enjoyable to have a lecture presented by an entertainer. Harry Maurer is articulate and the presentation was accented by comedy, and, of course, had the insight on a magician and illusionist. The subject was well researched with many historical photographs and images. Very well done and entertaining." 

Robert Fox 

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

"Harry Maurer is a highly skilled magician with a very active sense of humor that makes for first class entertainment, but his well-researched presentation on the history of deception and the role it has played in affecting world events is truly inspirational. I sat riveted to Harry's presentation. I had never considered the possibility deception has been such a key resource in the history of mankind. Harry has thoroughly researched this subject, is very well prepared with a quality power point visual; and delivers a spell-bounding presentation that is entertaining and highly educational." 

Harvey L. Fishero, LFACHE 

Retired Hospital CEO 

Plano, TX

"When I first heard that our Country Club was presenting a lecture on how magicians affected our country and our life, I was skeptical that anyone would be interested in such an esoteric subject. I was wrong! About 200 members showed up and were treated to an informative lecture about a magician who stopped an uprising, how an English magician used magic camouflage to confuse the Nazis, and how a magician wrote a manual for the CIA on secret ways to deceive the enemy. This was all unusual but fascinating info presented in a very entertaining way. It was an unusual, but very enjoyable and entertaining lecture." 

Warren J. Kaps 

Boca Raton, FL

"As a retired professor of history and politics, I found your presentation very educational and fascinating. Learning how these magicians impacted such events as the battle of El Alamein during WWII or the escape of Americans from Tehran in 1979 adds a new and intriguing dimension to our understanding of world events." 

Albert Kudsizadeh, Ph.D 

Montreal, Quebec Canada

"I must say that Harry Maurer's lecture has just the right mix of interesting and informative information interspersed with wonderful Illusions and Magic. Totally captivating!” 

Marty Sherman 

Blue Bell, PA

"I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture. As a retired Naval Officer, I was particularly intrigued by the use of camouflage in North Africa, and the great influence of a magician in creating these deceptions of Rommel's forces, who were not exactly amateurs at warfare. It had never occurred to me that the deception was analogous to that used in presenting magic tricks to an audience." 

Donald J. Dudziak Ph.D., P.E. 

Editor for the Americas, 

Progress in Nuclear Energy Review Journal 

Professor Emeritus, NC State University Fellow, 

Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Seeing your lecture was very enlightening. I was surprised to learn that magic and deception was used in past political situations and wars! What else are our governments up to?!" 

Jerry Cerny 

Edmonton, Alberta, (Canada)

"Harry Maurer’s presentation was delightful. Much of the information presented was historical in nature, which can be dry and boring, but nothing could be further from the truth in this case. Harry’s perspective on the events and use of humor kept our attention and entertained us throughout the entire speech. He was very informative and I would be interested in hearing much more from him." 

Peggy Martin 

Houston, TX

“Recently saw Harry Maurer and was impressed not only with his incredible acts of magic but with his presentation format incorporating how magic had an influence on historical events. In addition, his quick one-liners interspersed throughout his presentation are worth the price of admission.” 

Harry Winkler 

West Palm Beach, FL

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